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Mobile Hair Extensions Peterborough

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We have Remy Hair, Russian, European, Brazilian Hair.

Laweave – Weave – Nano Rings- Tape – Micro Rings

Mobile Hair Extensions Peterborough
Hair Extensions Peterborough
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What We Do:

Aaextensions Hair
Aaextensions Hair Extensions


Aaextensions Hair Extensions
hair extensions peterborough
  1. Never go to sleep with your hair wet.
  2. Don’t shampoo the hair without brushing it first. Doing so will damage your extensions and minimize the absorption of the product.
  3. Tying your hair in a ponytail will prevent breakage.
  4. Try not to wash your hair regularly. Always use a great detangler before hitting the shower, then slowly brush your hair starting from bottom of the roots to prevent breakage..
  • The first thing that you may notice is that immediately after the installation of the extensions, and for the next couple of days your scalp may feel sore / itchy on your scalp and tender while sleeping. This is normal and will go away. Rest assured that this is not a sign of a problem but just because of the added weight of the hair.
  • This is normal and will settle. As a result of natural shedding (approx. 50-100 strands per day). Please Note:- Lighter Shades have a bleach content therefore will not last as long in life span as non bleached hair. The lighter shades will need extra care and less heat application to increase the lifespan. .

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How Long Have You Been Doing Extensions?

– We Started In 2006

Can I See More Of Your Work?

Yes. Click on Portfolio and Gallery. Add Us On Facebook And Instagram

How Long Will It Take?

 Less Than 2 HOURS ( Depends Of Which Extensions You Pick)

Do You Offer Mobile Services?

Yes – We Travel To Peterborough And Surroundings.

When Do I Come For Maintenance ?

6-8 Weeks. From £40

Can I Bring My Own Hair Extensions For You To Fit?

Yes – Fitting Is From £40 – £60

How Long Does My Existing Hair Need To Be?

Hair Should Be At Least 5 Inches.

Will You Be Able To Match The Colour Of My Own Hair?

Yes We Expertly “Blend” Several Together To Get The Perfect Match.

Can I Remove Extensions Myself?

It Is ALWAYS Recommended You Return To Us For Removal £10 To £30

Can I Reuse The Extension Hair?

Yes- Keep Your Extensions In Top Condition And You Will Be Able To Reuse It.

Can I Colour My Hair Whilst Wearing Extensions?

Yes.Touch Up Crown Area As Normal.

What Shampoo can i use?

Get any Mild shampoo or Keratin Shampoo.

My Hair looks dry and frizzy, What can i do?

Remember extensions are not growing from your scalp, You have to take extra care of the extensions by buying natural oils and frizzy products. Condition your hair. Dont Sleep with Wet Hair.

I See Hair Coming Out When I Brush Or When Taking Them Out, Is My Hair Damaged?


We Loose Approx. 50-100 Strands Per Day As A Result Of Natural Shedding. What You See Is The Hair That Natural Sheds.

Is it easy caring for extensions?

 Yes and No. No matter how much you spend on extensions. You will have to buy products to treat it. – Shampoo for extensions, Brush, Conditioner, Dry products, Frizzy Products.

Does dark colors last longer than blondes?

Yes – Due to the hair being dyed and bleached, You will find that blondes always go frizzy and start to get split ends quicker than dark.